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Puppies looking for homes

We will have puppies ready to join their new families in March and April. There is limited space on the waiting list.

They will be F1 Cavapoos with a Cavalier dam and a poodle sire.

We are expecting a rainbow of colours which could include red, apricot, cream, black and tan and black.

🐾 Please get in touch using our contact form on the homepage to find out more.🐾

We do not export our puppies outside of the UK & Channel Islands.

Our puppies are £2, 500 each.

Our puppies must go to their forever homes.

We home to people who have given a lot of thought into getting a new puppy.

A puppy is a very big commitment in terms of money, love and time. They could live for well over a decade and deserve to be treated as a member of the family.

Owning a dog is very expensive. They need regular preventative flea and worm treatment, annual vaccinations, vet bills when they are injured or ill, insurance premiums, food, accessories and often having your dog looked after whilst you're on holiday is more expensive than the holiday! 

Please get in touch if you think you can offer one of our puppies a loving and permanent home.

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