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How we began

Animals have always been my biggest passion from a very young age.

I absolutely love dogs, especially Cavapoos and Cavaliers!

I have always wanted to own a Cavalier but felt too worried about how unhealthy they can be.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to take on Daisy my beautiful black and tan girl as a foundation female.

She is from health tested parents and is a lovely, friendly and healthy girl.

After doing a lot of research and talking to ethical and experienced breeders, I decided to breed a litter from her.

Daisy had 7 wonderful puppies.

Bringing them into the world and seeing them develop was the most magical experience of my life.

I kept her ruby coloured daughter Beryl.

Since then I have become more involved with breeding healthy Cavaliers and Cavapoos and am very passionate about it.

I am very proud to have been awarded the Highest Standard 5 star licence from Exeter City Council.

This means that we are insured, have been inspected by a vet and council official and take breeding responsibly very seriously.

We choose new owners who are responsible, kind and caring. People who understand what a commitment rehoming a puppy is. Puppies need a great deal of time put into them and need human company and interaction.

Please only get in touch if you can be around for the puppy and won't leave it on its own for long periods. 


While we understand that the Cavapoo is considered to be a "Designer dog" we breed them because they make fantastic all round family members with fabulous temperaments.

The colour of the coat of your puppy can change as they grow older and the puppy coat will be replaced by the adult coat so is very likely to change its texture in terms of curls and waves.

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